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Shaping Future Filmmakers

Filmmaking Workshop, Festival & Awards!

CineMaestro is an inter-school filmmaking workshop & film festival at Chitkara International School. This unparalleled event is structured with a motive to unleash the creativity and filmmaking skills of the students.


Our workshops are designed to be an immersive experience where students delve into the captivating world of filmmaking under the guidance of industry experts.

Throughout the workshop, students receive hands-on training using the latest technology and equipment, honing their skills in various aspects of filmmaking including cinematography, storytelling, directing, editing, and more.

Our aim is to unleash the creativity and potential of every participant, empowering them to express themselves through the art of filmmaking. The workshop culminates in the creation of short films by the students, which are showcased during the prestigious CineMaestro Film Festival.


The CineMaestro Film Festival is the highlight of our event, where the magic of cinema comes alive through the captivating works of our talented student filmmakers. Held at Chitkara International School, this festival celebrates the culmination of creativity, dedication, and passion showcased by our participants.

Each year, our festival features a diverse selection of short films created by students who have undergone rigorous training and guidance during our filmmaking workshops. These films represent the culmination of their hard work, imagination, and storytelling prowess.

Our festival provides a platform for students to showcase their talents and share their stories with a wider audience. It's a celebration of innovation, expression, and the power of cinema to inspire, entertain, and enlighten.


Mr. Jimmy Shergill

Film Actor & Producer

Mr. Jitendra Kumar

Indian Film Actor

Mr. Raghubir Yadav

Film Actor & Theatre Artist

Mr. Yashpal Sharma

Actor & Theatre Artist

Ms. Samvedna Suwalka

Indian Film & Theatre Actress


Mr. Feroz Khan


Mr. Amitabha Singh

Director & Cinematographer

Mr. Hiroo Kesvani


Mr. Anant Vidhaat Sharma 

Actor & Assistant Director 

Mr. Supavitra Babul

Screenwriter, Director & Producer

Ms. Santwana Bayaskar

Sync Sound Recordist & Documentary Director

Mr. Ambar Chakravarty

Filmmaker & Director

Mr. Bijit Kundu

Art Director